Friday, August 18, 2017
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Living Wage Campaign

At the July 19th general meeting the Labour Council unanimously endorsed the Living Wage Campaign.

Day of Mourning 2013 - Victoria, BC

The annual April 28 Day of Mourning ceremony is observed in Victoria, BC. It was attend by representatives of the Victoria area including the Victoria Labour Council, the BC Federation of Labour, various Labour unions and other community members. They came to pay their respects and to remember those who had perished, were injured or became ill on the job or in the workplace.

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©2013 Victoria Labour Council

Day of Mourning April 28 - 2012

Face to Face with Stan Dzbik of the Victoria Labour Council

In this show we welcome back Stan Dzbik, Treasurer of the Victoria Labour Council. Jack and Stan talk about the forthcoming municipal elections and how the Victoria Labour Council vet and endorse local candidates. They also cover such important issues as P3s, Globalization, the Living Wage campaign, the Day of Mourning, the right to Collective Bargaining and more.

Victoria Labour Day Picnic 2011

Day of Mourning 2011

Stan Dzbik addresses the 2011 day of mourning event

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