Friday, August 18, 2017
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Pride Week


Victoria Labour Council delegates and friends are invited to meet up on Sunday July 5 at the corner of Broad and Pandora Streets at 11:30 am. We'll be accompanied by the BCGEU RV, the UNIFOR float, and a samba band! Bring your swag, your flags, your sunscreen and your smiles! The parade starts near Centennial Square, and ends with a festival at the park behind James Bay Community School.

The official Pride Parade event is hosted here:


5.7 Million Raised to Strengthen Our Community!

The community raised an amazing $5.7 Million through the United Way as part of the 2014 Community Campaign. 

53% of dollars raised in workplace campaign comes from unionized workplaces, proving we are stronger together!

CLICK HERE to read the United Way media release.

Labourat SpiritFest

(L-R) Trevor Davies President CUPE 374, Tony Nelson President CUPE 2081, Helen Hughes President CUPE 410, Mark Miller VP/BC UNDE, Nic Humphreys RVP BC/Yukon UEW

Day of Mourning - April 28

Please join CUPE2081 and the Victoria Labour Council to remember the 203 workers killed on the job last year in BC.

We will be marking the day at 11:00 am at the Lansdowne campus of Camosun College on April 28th

Please distribute and post the attached poster. Advertisements will also be running in local mead this weekend.

Please join us – everyone welcome!

In Solidarity, Michael Eso

President, Victoria Labour Council





Fight For Fifteen - sponsored by Victoria Labour Council


Wednesday April 15 

5:00 p.m. 

Meet at the Finlayson/Douglas bus stop (Mayfair Mall corner) to leaflet and collect petition signatures. BBQ to follow at the BCGEU building before the VLC General Meeting. 

More Info on Facebook Page


Victoria Labour Council Meeting April 15

7pm at the BCGEU building at 2994 Douglas Street

Day of Mourning - April 28

Save the Date. The Day of Mourning will be held on April 28, 2015. More information to follow soon.

Municipal Election 2014 Candidate Training Seminars

pdfDownload Candidate Training Registration Form

The Canadian Labour Congress in conjunction with local labour councils is offering a series of candidate training seminars. These seminars will be made available to labour council endorsed candidates and those seeking endorsement.

Two levels of training are available. Level One is for candidates who are new and those who would like a basic refresher. Level Two is for incumbents seeking re-election and those candidates with previous training, as approved by the CLC.

  • Level One will include an introduction to how the media works, answering basic questions on running for office, staying on message and public speaking.
  • Level Two will include persuasive communications, defining a message, getting a message out and intensive on-camera sessions in small groups.

Sat. Sept 20 - Level 1 & 2
Coast Victoria Harbourside - 146 Kingston Street

Read more: Municipal Election 2014 Candidate Training Seminars

Victoria Labour Day Message

2014 Victoria Labour Council

Together Fairness Works! The Union Advantage

Labour Day is an important opportunity to take time to relax, spend time with family and friends and celebrate the one day of the year dedicated to working people. Labour Day is also an opportunity to recognize the contributions that union wages and benefits make in our communities.

Over a century ago, trade unions marked the day to celebrate their achievements most notably their push for an eight-hour work day. In 1894, Labour Day became an official statutory holiday for everyone to enjoy. What had begun with unions standing up for fairness, finished with something for everyone to enjoy.

That's been the story of the labour movement: when unions stand up for fairness, we all benefit. Researchers at the Canadian Labour Congress have demonstrated this fact by showing the link between vibrant communities and the number of union members who live there. We call this connection “The Union Advantage.”

Researchers at the Canadian Labour Congress have found that on average unionized workers in Victoria earn $6.15 an hour more than do non-union workers. That extra money in the pockets of the city’s 52,400 unionized employees translates into an added $11.3 million every week paid into our local economy.

Union membership is especially important for women and younger workers. Research shows that in Canada, women who belong to a union earn an average of $6.89 an hour more than women in non-unionized workplaces. Young workers aged 15 to 24 earn an additional $3.16 an hour with a union at work, which makes a difference as they build lives for themselves, pay off student loans, take mortgages and start families.

Decent wages mean prosperous communities because unionized workers spend their pay cheques close to home. They support local businesses and bolster the local tax base which, in turn, supports public works, community services and charities.

2014 marks the 26th year since the Canadian Labour Council and United Way Canada came together to sign a formal Labour Partnership Agreement.  Across this country and here in the Capital Regional District union members should be proud of the work they do to strengthen and build community.  In the Capital Regional District, unionized workplaces contributed over half of the total workplace campaign goal.  United Way Campaigns are a place that Employers and Unions come together to ensure that kids make successful transitions to adulthood, that our most vulnerable find pathways out of poverty and that we have opportunities and places for social interaction in our community.

The Victoria Labour Council worked closely with the United Way Labour Committee of the Board to find champions of the workplace campaign so that we can shine a light on the importance of union members who are committed to community.  We know that this commitment is strong right across Canada and are proud to find ways that recognize and celebrate it here in our community.

Once again this year the Victoria Labour Council is proud to sponsor the 2014 United Way Campaign Kick Off.  The event will take place on September 17, 2014 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Spirit Square (Centennial Square beside Victoria City Hall, Douglas Street).

Many of the things first won by unions are enjoyed by all workers today, including minimum wages, overtime pay, workplace safety standards, maternity and paternity leaves, vacation pay and protection from discrimination and harassment.clc-union-advantage-stats-victoria-2013-fairness-works

We believe in the saying that what we want for ourselves we seek for all. We have pushed those who hold elected office in our local boards, city councils and legislatures to provide a broad range of family-supporting public programs and services. For example, every Canadian should, after a lifetime of work, be able to retire with enough saved to cover the basics. Which is why we are working to convince governments to expand the Canada Pension Plan, so people can retire with dignity.

This is particularly important this year as BC goes to the polls in November to elect our representatives to local governments and school boards for the next four years.

As we have seen in recent years, the voter turnout in local government elections has been dismal. BC has the lowest participation rates in the country for local government elections at less than 30%.

Again this year, the Victoria Labour Council will play an active role in encouraging union members to exercise their democratic rights and participate in these elections.

Read more: Victoria Labour Day Message

Labour Day Picnic 2014

Labour-Day-Picnic-2014-Victoria Labour Council MMSept tl

Victoria Labour Council 2014 Labour Day Picnic
11am – 3pm, Monday Sept 1st at Irving Park
(corner of Menzies & Michigan, in James Bay)

Everyone Welcome!
Kids Eat Free!
Kids’ Activities
Information booths

Special Musical Guests The Kingmixers

250 384 8331This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">








Read more: Labour Day Picnic 2014

Labour Pride Out in Victoria 2014


CLC's Response to TFWP Announcement by Jason Kenney

Please see attachments for the following items:

  1. pdfThe CLC's press release in response to Minister Jason Kenney's announcement regarding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP).
  2. pdfA statement by the CLC on Minister Jason Kenney's announcement regarding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

In addition to the previous e-mail's backgrounder on the TFWP, please add the following:

From ESDC Canadian Occupational Projection System, we know that Skill level C employed 4.4 million workers in 2010, and Skill level D employed 1.5 million workers. Skill Level C and D are considered low skills. Between 2011 and 2020, HRSDC predicts shortages in only 2 Skill level C occupations, and Zero Skill level D occupations. Ten occupations are expected to be in balance, and 34 in surplus labour situations. They predict 2.2 million job openings in those skill levels between 2011 - 2020.

In Solidarity,

Hassan Yussuff
Canadian Labour Congress

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