Friday, August 18, 2017
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United Way

5.7 Million Raised to Strengthen Our Community!

The community raised an amazing $5.7 Million through the United Way as part of the 2014 Community Campaign. 

53% of dollars raised in workplace campaign comes from unionized workplaces, proving we are stronger together!

CLICK HERE to read the United Way media release.

Labourat SpiritFest

(L-R) Trevor Davies President CUPE 374, Tony Nelson President CUPE 2081, Helen Hughes President CUPE 410, Mark Miller VP/BC UNDE, Nic Humphreys RVP BC/Yukon UEW

United Way Labour Committee Serves Breakfast at Our Place

United Way Labour Commitee Teamworkedited  

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Stronger Together for 25 Years

2013 marks the 25th year since the Canadian Labour Council and United Way Canada came together to sign a formal Labour Partnership agreement.  To commemorate this anniversary, the Victoria Labour Council sponsored a series of videos that work to recognize the contributions of union members to the United Way workplace campaign.

Across this country and here in the Capital Regional District union members should be proud of the work they do to strengthen and build community.  In the Capital Regional District, unionized workplaces contributed over half of the total workplace campaign goal.  United Way Campaigns are a place that Employers and Unions come together to ensure that kids make successful transitions to adulthood, that our most vulnerable find pathways out of poverty and that we have opportunities and places for social interaction in our community.

The Victoria Labour Council worked closely with the United Way Labour Committee of the Board to find champions of the workplace campaign so that we can shine a light on the importance of union members who are committed to community.  We know that this commitment is strong right across Canada and are proud to find ways that recognize and celebrate it here in our community.

If you have a United Way campaign in your workplace, we encourage you to share these videos and engage the United Way in other opportunities for recognition. Work with your campaign volunteers to find ways that engage your members and highlight the important commitment of labour. Take a union flag to a campaign kick off and offer to stand up and speak to the labour partnership during campaign. Talk to your United Way support team about displaying the VLC sponsored Labour partnership banners at your events.

Here are the links to the videos the Labour Council has produced, please share.

Unions and United Way:
Stronger Together

Watch on Vimeo site

PSAC and United Way:
Stronger Together

Watch on Vimeo site

CUPE and United Way:
Stronger Together

Watch on Vimeo site

Unifor and United Way:
Stronger Together

Watch on Vimeo site

IBEW and United Way:
Stronger Together

Watch on Vimeo site

It was our intention to highlight some of the many Unions whose members support the United Way Campaign. Of course not every workplace campaign or Union is reflected in the video but we hope that it will provide some highlights of the shared values of labour and the United Way.

One thing the labour movement teaches us is the value of solidarity and that that we are stronger together.  While we know that labour has been there since the beginning, lets take this opportunity to celebrate this 25th anniversary by showing our community that we are proud of the work we do to ensure the success of the the United Way campaign.

Together we make our communities better to work and live.

Kim Manton
Labour Coordinator
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