Friday, August 18, 2017
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Canadian Labour Congress

Municipal Election 2014 Candidate Training Seminars

pdfDownload Candidate Training Registration Form

The Canadian Labour Congress in conjunction with local labour councils is offering a series of candidate training seminars. These seminars will be made available to labour council endorsed candidates and those seeking endorsement.

Two levels of training are available. Level One is for candidates who are new and those who would like a basic refresher. Level Two is for incumbents seeking re-election and those candidates with previous training, as approved by the CLC.

  • Level One will include an introduction to how the media works, answering basic questions on running for office, staying on message and public speaking.
  • Level Two will include persuasive communications, defining a message, getting a message out and intensive on-camera sessions in small groups.

Sat. Sept 20 - Level 1 & 2
Coast Victoria Harbourside - 146 Kingston Street

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CLC's Response to TFWP Announcement by Jason Kenney

Please see attachments for the following items:

  1. pdfThe CLC's press release in response to Minister Jason Kenney's announcement regarding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP).
  2. pdfA statement by the CLC on Minister Jason Kenney's announcement regarding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

In addition to the previous e-mail's backgrounder on the TFWP, please add the following:

From ESDC Canadian Occupational Projection System, we know that Skill level C employed 4.4 million workers in 2010, and Skill level D employed 1.5 million workers. Skill Level C and D are considered low skills. Between 2011 and 2020, HRSDC predicts shortages in only 2 Skill level C occupations, and Zero Skill level D occupations. Ten occupations are expected to be in balance, and 34 in surplus labour situations. They predict 2.2 million job openings in those skill levels between 2011 - 2020.

In Solidarity,

Hassan Yussuff
Canadian Labour Congress

One Minute Message Video Contest Finalists


One Minute Message

We need your help to pick the winning video in our ‘One Minute Message’ contest. It’s pretty simple, go to our website and watch all 5 of the video finalists and click on the ‘vote’ button when you decide on your favourite video.

The winning video should be one that accurately shows that unions remain the best way for working people to get a fair deal, decent wages, safe and healthy workplaces, fairness and respect. You should pick the one you feel does the best job of conveying this message and also entertains you.

Share the link with your friends and spread the word that voting is now open in the Canadian Labour Congress’ ‘One Minute Message’ contest.

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Together Fairness Works Workshops - March 15th

The Canadian Labour Congress is offering a series of training events for labour leaders and members.

Saturday, March 15, 2014
146 Kingston Street, Victoria, BC
NOTE: to attend both sessions, you must register for each event separately.

Download Poster

Leaders Seminar

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The Leaders Seminar will introduce the goals and strategies for building greater
member engagement, provide information and approaches for initiating
activities related to this project or other campaigns and activities.

Member Engager Workshop

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The Member Engager session will provide a brief overview of
together FAIRNESS WORKS, and focus on the importance of listening
and building long-term connections between members and their unions.

Register online HERE or go to the Sign In page at

For more information on together FAIRNESS WORKS, please CLICK HERE to visit the CLC website.

Contact: Canadian Labour Congress - Pacific Region at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 604-430-6766

There is no charge for registering for the event and lunch will be provided. Participants must 
register in advance. Please feel free to send multiple members from your local union, representing 
a variety of workplaces, to get the most out of the campaign planning segments of the training.

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One Minute Message Video Contest

One Minute Message

 We’re Back with the One Minute Message Video Contest! Send to a friend

 One Minute to Tell the World


  • how unions stand up for fairness;
  • how unions deliver good jobs and better lives;
  • how unions work for a better deal for everyone.

What does "Fairness Works" mean for you, your family and your community?

After 2 successful years of our One Minute Message Video Contest, we bring you the 2014 contest. The theme this year is ‘Fairness Works’. We are offering $2000.00 to the first place winner and can’t wait to see what creative delights you turn out this year. Last year's entries were the best we have had so far, so the bar is high.

Visit our contest website for complete rules, guidelines, theme and check out last year’s finalists for inspiration.

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Workers’ lives at risk – YOUR HELP NEEDED NOW!

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new budget implementation bill puts workers’ lives at risk and we need your help now to stop it.

Buried deep in the 308 pages his finance minister just tabled are amendments to the Canada Labour Code that would make the federal health and safety law on the right to refuse dangerous work the weakest in the country and endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Bill C-4 will weaken the existing right of workers to refuse dangerous work. Exposure to hazardous substances likely to result in a chronic illness, disease, or damage to the reproductive system will no longer be a valid reason for a worker to invoke the right to refuse dangerous work.

Imagine, knowing what we know about asbestos exposure, that a federal worker would now be unable to refuse dangerous work if his employer told him to remove asbestos from a workplace without proper safety gear? 

Imagine, knowing what we know today about the impact of certain chemicals on women’s reproductive health, that a worker would no longer have the right to refuse dangerous if her employer gave her work that exposed her to those chemicals?

Conservative proposals would make the Canada Labour Code the only health and safety laws in the country that would make it legal for an employer to discipline a worker who refuses dangerous work. It’s a dangerous precedent that must be stopped now!

You can help stop this now! Let your MP know what you think about the Harper government’s move to endanger the lives of workers. Email your MP now

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