Friday, August 18, 2017
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About the VLC

What is the Victoria Labour Council?

The Victoria Labour Council (VLC) is the local organization of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) at the city level. The CLC represents 3.2 million unionized workers across Canada.

The VLC was founded over 100 years ago and is one of the oldest labour organizations in BC.

The structure of the Canadian labour movement is composed of three levels. The national labour organization (Canadian Labour Congress) plus ten provincial Federations of Labour (one for each province) and a labour Council for each city or municipal region.

June 2011

Labour councils are composed of the locals of national unions that are affiliated to the Canadian Labour Congress.

Labour councils organize the local unions in their jurisdiction to carry out the national policies of the CLC; to participate in national action campaigns; to assist unions on strike; to organize political action; to develop international solidarity and to work for social justice in the community.

The VLC is governed by an elected Executive of four Officers plus ten Members representing a cross section of local large and small unions.

Local unions are allocated delegates based on the number of members in their union. These delegates meet monthly to discuss and debate issues of concern to their members. Local unions may introduce resolutions that if adopted become the policies of the labour council.

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